Since 1986, SIEPEL has been manufacturing shielded enclosures, microwave absorbers, reverberation chambers and anechoic chambers
either standard solutions or custom designs and turnkey solutions.

[+]  EMC Absorber Overview

[+]  Modular Shielded Rooms
High shielding effectiveness performances, self-supporting structures, unbeatable flexibility and long-term reliability backed by 20 years perfor-mance warranty.

[+]  HERMES 10 – Full Compliance 10 m EMC Chamber
Shielded room 18,03 x 12,16 x 8,44 m (external dimensions including support frame) for full compliance from 26 MHz to 18 GHz.

[+]  HERMES 3 – Full Compliance 3 m EMC Chamber
Shielded room 9.15 x 7.10 x 6 m (external dimensions including support frame) for full compliance from 26 MHz to 18 (40) GHz.

[+]  Shielded Cabinets
These shielded cabinets allow to isolate the equipment to be tested, with a shielding effectiveness of up to 120 dB.
Electromagnetic absorbers (ferrites or pyramids) can be added for exam-ple for radio testing.

[+]  Shielded Enclosures
New fabric based line of high-performance lightweight shielded enclosure systems providing more than -70 dB of RF attenuation.
Perfect for sensitive TEMPEST applications from 1 MHz to 1 GHz.

[+]  RF Shielded Pouches
Complete line of high quality shielded pouches to prevent unwanted wireless in / out RF & Microwave emissions to secure handheld electronic devices: laptops, PDAs, smartphones, GPS during sensitive meetings and for forensic purposes.

[+]  ACCSYS: EMC Software
Developed for a Windows environment, ACEMC is a suite of measurement software for testing electromagnetic, compatibility and radio measurement according to most of the standards used in the industrial, military, aeronautics, automotive, telecommunications, railway and aerospace sectors.